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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My 90/10 Rule

Pam is always talking about our "living as a fit and healthy person" in my Weight Watchers meetings. Many times, she will even stop in the middle of her sentence, looking at us through hopeful eyes that we'll all chime in, in unison... "as a fit and healthy person" to finish her statement. It's hard to all get together sometimes at 9:30 on a Saturday morning.

But I try. I like the thought. Yet after doing some soul-searching, I've discovered that I'm doing that about 90 percent of the time. And, I'm okay with that. Ninety percent of the time (and I'm talking about week when I talk about my time since that's how I watch my points and eating), I'm measuring my soymilk and counting grapes and walking three dogs as the sun comes up. But 10 percent of the time, I'm just not. And it's normally Saturday evening.

I'm not eating a whole chocolate cake, but I'll allow myself a slice during this chunk of 10 percent of my week. I won't go on a drunken rampage, but I'll have a glass of wine.

I think it's good for me. It keeps me from craving everything in site and binging when I get mad that I can't have it. It allows me the flexibility to enjoy the taste of food, not just the fuel it provides my body. It also keeps me from feeling guilty. I don't have to be ashamed of eating that cookie because I gave myself permission.

Is it healthy to think this way??? As Pam also says, there are no no-no foods.

Breakfast: cereal: 3 points
soymilk: 1 point

Mid-morning snack: pretzels: 2 points

Lunch: panini: 6 points
red grapes: 1 point

Afternoon snack: English muffin: 2 points

Dinner: salsa chicken: 5 points (recipe here)
roasted potatoes: 3 points (recipe here)

TOTAL: 23 points. Fine with me.

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