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Monday, August 27, 2007

Venturing Out for the First Time, Again

I rode my bike this morning for the first time in probably nine months. I put on the padded bike shorts, stylish helmet and new gloves, filled up a water bottle and hit the road. I felt good. I felt confident. It was early and already very warm out, but breezy and nice. I slowly pedaled the neighborhood to get comfortable on the seat again, and then sped up past the Wildflower Center to turn around and head into the veloway...

... Where I was quickly passed by at least five men in their 60s. By the time I got to the "Caution: Snake Crossing" sign, my legs were like jello. My vision had become obstructed by the sweat pouring down my face. But I saw a rabbit. I conquered the hills -- one of which I was afraid I would have to walk my bike up my first time back out. I made it all the way around the veloway -- once -- and dismounted my bike to drink some more water when it hit me... Am I going to pass out, or vomit??? One of the two will definitely happen in the next few minutes. Do I remember where my cell phone is in case I need to call 911??? How many times are those old men going to fly around the course??? What time does Cole get out of his meeting to meet me at the hospital???

I sat on a bench for about 10 minutes. Sipping water, enjoying the breeze, listening to the beads of sweat fall to the concrete below me while birds sang above. I was starting to feel better. But, how am I going to get home??? I left my lemon-jello legs about a mile behind me. I certainly can't bike the rest of the way home...

But I did. I talked myself down from my "I'm never going to workout again" ledge and got on the bike and made it all the way home. I did rest for a moment or two in the bathroom floor... just in case. Then showered and got myself to work.

I may not do again tomorrow, but I can definitely talk myself into doing it again Wednesday...

Breakfast: banana: 2 points
English muffin: 2 points

Lunch: sandwich: 7 points
brownie: 3 points

Afternoon snack: apple: 1 point

Dinner: pizza: 12 points (yikes!!!)

TOTAL: 27 points. Again, yikes!!!

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