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Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Timing Is Totally Whacked

I'm not used to eating breakfast at 6:30 in the morning. On a normal day, I get up, feed and walk the dogs, and sip on a cup of coffee my first hour of work. Then, finally around 9, I'll go into the kitchen for a bite to eat. Then about two hours later, I'll have a little snack to hold me until lunch.

While I'm in Nashville, I'm up and moving much earlier and at a much brisker pace. By 6:30 I'm awake, showered and heading for the continental breakfast in the lobby. So come 9:30, I'm hungry again. But I think if I have a snack and can talk everyone in to an early group lunch, I should be back on track come 1 p.m.

Breakfast: This morning it was Cheerios, skim milk and yogurt. Banana in my purse for my mid-morning snack.

Mid-morning snack:
Said banana, and a Kashi granola bar. It had gotten too far from 6:30, and I had to have something.

Lunch: Half a chicken salad sandwich (made with apples and pecans, yummy!!!), about five sips of shrimp bisque and some fresh melon from Bosco's. And... a kid-size cup of Maggie Moo's cinnamoo ice cream. We'll call that John's fault.

Afternoon snack: Half a cup of coffee and a Rice Krispie treat (small one).

Dinner: Megan and I wandered the Mall at Green Hills for a while after work this evening then grabbed a quick dinner at Carrabba's. Neither of us really thought we were hungry for a full dinner, but when we sat down and caught the fresh aromas wafting through the restaurant, we were both ready to eat. Here's what I had: a crab cake about the diameter of a tennis ball, a piece of sourdough bread, minestrone soup, and about half of the Tomato Caprese you see above. Yummy!!!

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