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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Black Pants: How Hard Can It Be?!?!

So, the Hammock Christmas party is this week. We always have such a good time. Good food, good conversation, good music... And it's my one night of the year to get dressed up. Really dressed up. I'm not talking pearls and sequins, but I am talking fun shoes and lipstick.

I've had my "party shirt" in-hand since October. I have some cute black snake-skin heels (I hope it doesn't snow or something crazy). But I didn't have the right pants.

Sure, you'd think simple black dress pants would work, but no. I had something in mind. Something very specific in mind. Skinny-fit, cropped, black dress pants. That doesn't sound so hard, does it??? I hit no less than eight stores in the 29 miles between Cedar Park and Southwest Austin over the span of two days looking for such a creature. And I didn't just look, I asked. Sometimes I asked two different people in one store just to make sure the first one wasn't just being lazy and rude by telling me they didn't have anything like that. Dillard's, no. Macy's, no. WhiteHouse|BlackMarket, no. bebe, no. Gap, no. Express, no. Cache, YES!!!

I walked in the door of the small store in the mall and was immediately drawn to the displays on the right-hand side of the store. Inexplicably, I walked about 10 feet into the store and went to a rack just behind a table full of folded t-shirts and silver jeans. Yep, silver. It was like a magnet, like all the shopping powers that be lifted me from the ground and dropped me directly at the rack where my pants were hanging. There they were. They were perfect. They were the ones. The ones that somehow no other store in the county had in stock. Now, what size???

I kept myself from even considering the 12, grabbed the 10 to try on, and decided to take the 8 back there just for fun. To my surprise and pure joy, the 8 fit. I bought an 8 in a pair of Gap "curvy" jeans recently, but I really thought that was just a fluke, a wrong label, a company trying to make me feel better about my body. But when this 8 fit too, I was feeling quite proud of myself. I didn't buy it though. I went for the 10.

What if they shrink just a bit??? What if I put on two pounds worth of hips and chocolate before Thursday night when I need to wear them??? What if their magic mirrors made the 8 look good, but my mirrors at home wouldn't provide the same support??? I went for the 10.

The party outfit is now complete.



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