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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Strengthen Your Bum While Brushing Your Teeth

Sound too good to be true??? Here's the story...

We ran again yesterday evening, I hope it's the start of making it part of the weekly routine again, and that's great. But I know I need to be doing some other activity/exercise during the day too, but I'm honestly not a big fan. So, I'm trying to sneak some other activity in. And I'm doing it when I brush my teeth.

I have one of those great SoniCare toothbrushes that times me while I brush my teeth. It makes a little beep every 30 seconds to remind me to move to a different quadrant for a total of two minutes of brushing my teeth. So, I've been doing squats too during those two minutes. I can squeeze about 50 in during the total 120 seconds. And if I brush my teeth three times a day, I'm sneaking in an extra six minutes of activity that I wouldn't have otherwise.

If you decide to give it a shot, be sure to follow good squat form: Don't let your knees go out in front of your toes; don't let your bottom fall below your knees; tighten your abs. You know the drill... I do the "I'm gonna sit down, wait, nevermind" kinda thing.

Today's points:

Bagel-ful: 3 points
yogurt: 1 point

Lunch: English muffin pizzas: 4 points
apple: 1 point

Afternoon snack: string cheese: 1 point
snack cakes: 1 point

Dinner: salad: 6 points
avocado roll: 3 points

TOTAL: 20 points

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  • Keep running, Super Summer! It gets easier when it becomes routine.

    By Blogger Jim, at March 27, 2008 12:46 PM  

  • I hate running too. But do so a lot on the treadmill... blah!!! I'm doing weight watchers too, by the way. I hate that just as much as running.

    By Anonymous Denise, at March 29, 2008 8:00 PM  

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