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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Knowledge Is Power

It's Thursday. That means that come 6:30 p.m., it's time to step on the official Weight Watchers scale and hear the news. I didn't want to hear it this week. My gut told me there would be a tiny gain again (remember, last week I gained .4). I just didn't want to know.

So my plan was to go to the meeting and skip the scale. I would go and listen and participate, but I didn't want to hear that number.

The closer I got to the building, the more convinced I became that I should step on the scale. Okay. Fine. I'll step on the scale. When I got up to the counter to check in, I told Ruthie that I was very hesitant to weigh. I asked her if she would simply print my little weekly sticker and put it in my book. I told her that I didn't think I had had a very good week. My plan was to look at the sticker tomorrow, to take that information and learn from my bad week, and start fresh.

But to my surprise, I was down a full pound, for a total of 5.4 lost since going back to WW three weeks ago. Can I just say, I'm 31 down from my all-time high. That makes me proud, even if I did just lose just one tiny little pound this week.

muffin: 4 points
coffee w/Splenda and creamer: 1 point

Mid-morning snack: yogurt smoothie: 1 point

Lunch: quesadilla: 7 points
chips: 1.5 points

Mid-afternoon snack: yogurt: 2 points
granola bites: 2 bites

Dinner: pizza: 8 points (I'm guessing there)

TOTAL: 26.5 points for the day. Not great, but tomorrow is a new day.

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  • That is uncanny.
    I subscribe to your feed on my Google Reader. I must have filed it away unconsciously. Thanks for the encouragement and way to go on your successful weigh-in.

    By Blogger John, at May 04, 2007 3:52 PM  

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