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Monday, July 02, 2007

Rats in the Kitchen

We saw Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille yesterday afternoon. So cute!!! If you're a fan of Disney or Pixar or rodents or food, you'll find this movie to be a ton of fun. It goes without saying, but the animation was amazing!!! The nighttime views of Paris made me want to visit, and the details in Gusteau's kitchen were spot on, right down to the scratches and dents on the well-used pots and pans. Grab a friend and go see it!!! (picture by Disney)

I tried to watch what I ate this weekend while Gran and Sailor were in town, but I didn't keep track of points. So now that it's Monday, I've got the calculator back out.

Oh yeah, I weighed Friday morning (a day early) and was .6 down. I really, really, really hope I can knock a full pound out this week.

Here's how Monday went...

Breakfast: granola bar: 2 points
banana: 2 points

Mid-morning snack: apple parfait: 2 points

Lunch: panini: 6 points
sliced apple: 1 point
WW snack cake: 1 point

Afternoon snack: sugar wafers: 3 points

Dinner: grilled chicken breast: 5 points
roasted cauliflower: 0 points

TOTAL: 22 points on the nose!!!

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