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Monday, June 25, 2007

Searching for Zero and Peaches Aren't So Bad

I weighed in Saturday morning. After stepping on our scale before leaving the house, I expected to be about 1.6 pounds down. But according to the official WW scale, I was only .6 down. That's fine. It's still a loss. For a total of 10.6 pounds gone. Whoo hoo!!!

I really hope I can lose 1.6 in the week ahead. That will get me to my little mini-goal of hitting a weight that ends in zero. Then it will be time to set a goal. A real goal. A goal to hit and maintain. I have such mental block about doing that for some reason...

Oh, Little Miss Portable DVD Austin was at the meeting again, listening to her cartoons so loud that I could hear them two rows in front of her. Why does that make me so nuts???

My day in numbers...

Side note: I didn't think I liked peaches. When I think of peaches I think of the artificial aroma coming from "peaches and cream" candles and the such. But tonight I ventured out. Cole and I picked up some fresh Fredericksburg peaches yesterday at Whole Foods. I grilled them tonight as part of our dinner and they turned out pretty darn good.

muffin: 4 points

Mid-morning snack: banana: 2 points

Lunch: turkey pita: 4 points
pretzels: 2 points

Afternoon snack: WW chocolate bar: 1 point

Dinner: filet: 5 points
grilled peaches: 1 point
glass o' wine: 3 points

TOTAL: 22 points.

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  • The good news I didn't show up at the Weight Watchers meeting with my two boys - you would probably make it a carved in stone rule - no kids... after that. My boys have sat still in church - it's amazing but for little else.

    I see alot more fruits going into your menus :-)

    I've just started working harder on getting more fruits and veggies into my food - it's tough when you aren't used to doing it.

    As for the weight loss - any loss is a good thing because you are probably building muscle with activity. Bonus!

    Thanks for the congrats ~ Tam

    By Anonymous Tammy, at June 26, 2007 1:52 PM  

  • Thanks, Tammy. I really am trying to get more fruits and veggies into my mouth every day. My husband is not a huge fan of many veggies, and there are only about four fruits that I really love. BUT I'm making myself try things (like peaches) that I haven't had since I was a kid. I've told myself for years that I didn't like peaches, and they're not so icky and evil. :-)

    I keep telling myself to grab something new that I've never tried before from the produce section in my grocery store. I did that not long ago with a thing called a "grapple" and it was gross. Awful. But at least we're willing to try...

    By Blogger Summer, at June 26, 2007 2:27 PM  

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