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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Missing Fullness

Yesterday was terrible, food wise. I just couldn't get full or satisfied. I snacked all day long. All day. And I realize this about about myself: I'm doing that every couple of months. I wasn't even hungry, but for some reason, I was just craving the feeling of fullness. I didn't want to get to the point of misery, that's not what I'm longing for when this happens. I just want the physical feeling of "I can't eat another bite." Contentment in the tummy region.

So I got to that point last night. Let myself go there so that it didn't drag on for four days. And I'm ready to be back on track today.

Oh, and I started week 3 in my news shoes this evening. And I must say, I'm quite proud. I ran farther without resting than I have since probably high school. Nice.

Breakfast: oatmeal: 2 points

Mid-morning snack: banana: 2 points

Lunch: soup: 2 points
1/2 grilled cheese sandwich: 4 points

Afternoon snack: 100-calorie popcorn: 2 points

Dinner: BBQ phyllo cups: 5 points
roasted green beans: 1 point
snack cakes: 1 point

TOTAL: 19 points

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