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Friday, December 19, 2008

Cupcakes and Customer Service

I love supporting small businesses. And when one goes above and beyond, I just have to let someone else know!

I work from home. It's been a fairly busy day. So when the doorbell rang around 1 p.m., the dogs went crazy and I just about jumped out of my skin.

A sweet face surrounded by beautiful wavy brown hair was on the other side of the door. She stretched her hands out to me, holding a big brown box. "Hi Summer," she said. "This is from Megan."

I was confused for a split second, until I saw the Sugar Mama's logo on the top of the box. This was a box of cupcakes. Just for me. Delivered to my door! If you've seen my flickr page, you know I'm a little obsessed.

Come to find out, this cupcake delivery angel was Olivia herself, owner and master cupcake queen at Sugar Mama's. My dear friend Megan from Nashville had been talking for a while with her about getting some cupcakes to me. Knowing what a fan I am, and knowing how much trouble Megan was going to, Olivia took it upon herself to make the special gift delivery.

I hugged Olivia's neck (she probably thinks I'm crazy), and I teared up a little. First at Megan's thoughtfulness, then for Olivia's generosity of customer service, then at the thought of having a box of buttercream goodness all to myself.

That picture up there? Their seasonal Candy Cane cupcake. I highly suggest you try one! And support a local small business this weekend!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, so, Denise reminded me yesterday that I hadn't blogged in almost a month. Which means I haven't been journaling and tracking my food for much longer than that.

I'm trying to get going again. I'm trying to find the motivation. I know about being healthy and feeling good and looking better, but I'm at a brick wall right now. I hoping that once we get through Christmas, I can really get myself on track again.

So, I leave you today with a food/weight loss haiku:

Living on cupcakes
And a few cheeseburgers, too
There is tomorrow

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