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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Wonder We Have Issues...

If you run in the same Twitter circles that I do, you read two articles today that couldn't be more different from each other.

One encouraged "fatties" to "get a room" in an article where the author confesses to being grossed out by simply watching someone who's overweight walk across a room.

The other, written by a single dad who's ready to see a change -- not only in the way the media and other men see women, but in the way we see ourselves -- had me feeling comfortable in my own skin, ready to give up worrying about trying to be perfect. Whatever that word means.

One hurt my stomach.

One made me proud of my freckles.

One article made me cringe to call myself a writer or a woman.

One article made me want to be better at being both.

One article brought tears to my eyes for anyone who has ever had to endure the stares from eyes filled with such harmful judgment.

One made me want to smile more.

Both articles have me wanting to hug every woman that I know to tell her how special, funny, beautiful and smart she is. Not for the size of her thighs or the number printed in her jeans, but because she's just exactly who she is. And that's perfect.

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Friday, October 08, 2010


I'm not a size 2. I'm not even a size 10.

I'm not 22 or even 32.

I'm not blonde or tall or tan.

I have freckles, scars on my left cheek and left thigh, and I have big feet. I still have a retainer.

But... I have more confidence and comfort in my own skin today than I've ever known. As much as I joke about calling in the plastic surgeon the second that I need to, I'm trying to age in a healthful way. I'm eating better than I have my whole life. I'm walking daily and even working out a few times a week. I'm drinking a ton of water. I'm smiling, not afraid of the wrinkles that doing so might bring. I'm making new friends, taking lots of photographs, getting plenty of sleep and hugging everyone I can get my arms around.

Today I will walk the streets of NYC and say hi to strangers. Today I will eat a cupcake and not worry about the calories.

Today, I turn 39. And for some reason, I'm loving it!

(Many thanks to 666 Photography for the fun photo shoot. Makeup by Lisa, photos by Gayla. This is a before-40 gift that every woman should give herself.)

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