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Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 7: 1/2 Pound Down

Well, I'm seven days into my self-assigned challenge of taking a picture of everything I eat for (at least) 30 days. I'm liking what's going on!

First, I stepped on the scale this morning and am down half a pound. Yay! That might not seem like much, but I'm looking at it this way: If I lost half a pound every week for a year, I'd be 26 pounds down overall. That's fun to think about!

Secondly, it's forcing me to make better choices. It feels great to be honest and accountable to myself, but I also know there are a handful of people out there watching and offering their support, and I'm proud to tell them -- through my pictures -- Hey, look, I chose tomato soup instead of a bag of potato chips today.

Finally, I'm starting to see my diet through a rainbow lens. After having a completely beige day a few weeks ago, I'm been challenging myself to work more color (and I don't mean M&Ms) into my day. This morning, that meant a handful of blueberries mixed into my oatmeal. Delicious! And, a serving of fruit before I even got dressed!

What would you learn about your diet if you photographed everything you ate for 30 days?

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

30 Days and Five Pounds

A Twitter conversation yesterday inspired and motivated me. Talk of money-saving tips at the grocery store turned into eating healthy, being accountable, and supporting a new friend as she does the same.

I haven't been very good about keeping up with my photos of everything I eat for the past week -- spraining the heck out of my ankle and having a bad reaction to the pain meds had me a bit out of commission. But I want to do better. And I want to keep track for 30 days. How hard can 30 days be?

So, today is March 12. I've taken a picture of everything I've eaten today, and I'm ready to commit to 29 more. Join me. It's simple: Take a picture of everything you eat and keep a photo journal of it for 30 days. I have two goals as I do my 30 days: Make sure there is something colorful and fresh every day, avoiding all-beige days, and lose 5 pounds.

I love it when inspiration and motivation strike unexpectedly!

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