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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Feb. 28: February's over

How can it be the end of the month already??? And March is going to be a doozy too... NYC, Houston, SXSW, two-day visit to Dell... goodness!!!

Breakfast: 220 calories
WW chocolate chip muffin: 190
coffee: 30

Mid-morning snack: 170 calories
JC honey oat bar: 170

Lunch: 360 calories
WW scallopini dinner: 260
saltines: 100

Afternoon snack: 190 calories
rice cakes: 90
small ice cream bar: 100

Dinner: 500 calories
That's a guess. I had dinner at Kellie's. A chicken alfredo Lean Cuisine meal and fresh-baked bread.

Bed-time snack: 130 calories
Quaker snack bites. I was starving when I got home!

1570 total for the day. Not great, but not horrible either. And 5319 steps for the day. Cole and I haven't been walking nearly as much the last week or so. He's been busy with work and I've been to Nashville and out scrapbooking. We'll have to remedy that.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Feb. 27: Another Monday

Well, here we go again. After a weekend of company and eating out for every meal, it's time to get the calculator back out and get back on track.

Breakfast: 320 calories
malt-o-meal: 160
milk: 120
coffee: 40

Mid-morning snack: 100 calories
Right bites chocolate chip cookies: 100

Lunch: 360 calories
South Beach wraps: 220
chips: 140

Afternoon snack: 180 calories
cheese and saltines: 180

Dinner: 500 calories
Chicken fajitas

1460 for the day. And my pedometer says I've only walked 4526 steps so far today. That's no good. Well, the calorie count is decent; the steps taken is not.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Feb. 24: Quick calculations

Breakfast: 200 calories
Malt-o-meal: 160
coffee: 40

Mid-morning snack: 180 calories
Cheese and saltines: 180

Lunch: 500 calories
JC veggie burger: 300
cheese: 50
chips: 150

I can't remember what happened after lunch on Friday. We had company come in and the whole weekend (as far as counting calories) was a wash.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Feb. 23: Back on track

Well, after three days in Nashville that included bbq, donuts and a burger, I'm back at home today, on track and keeping track.

Breakfast: 320 calories
malt-o-meal: 160
milk: 120
coffee: 40

Mid-morning snack: 160 calories
JC strawberry bar: 160

Lunch: 300 calories
Soft pretzel from Target: 300

Mid-afternoon snack: 200 calories
Two rice cakes: 90
Peanut butter: 110

Dinner: 360 calories
JC beef sirloin bowl: 260
saltines: 100

Dessert: 150 calories
JC Cookies and cream cheesecake: 150

Total for the day: 1490. And so far I've walked 8320 steps today, and it's only 8pm.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Feb. 20: Nashvegas

Well, I got to Nashville last night around 8:40, 15 minutes earlier than the flight was scheduled to arrive because of a tailwind. Nice. It was a smooth and easy flight, even though we were looking at a little weather advisory as we landed in Nashville where it was 22 degrees.... burrrrr!!!

I was nervous before getting on the plane after the girl at the counter said we were under the weather advisory and the flight could be "delayed, canceled or diverted." But I called Cole and like the wonderful, sweet husband that he is, he got online and checked the weather and calmed my nerves. He was right... nothing to worry about.

I'm trying to be good while here in town as far as my eating goes. I did well at lunch with grilled chicken, baked sweet potato and green beans at Tin Angel, but Shannon brought cupcakes into the office today, and I had to have one. Not eating one would have been rude!!!

I was bad and had a burger and fries for dinner, with a diet coke to balance it all out. But all in all, it wasn't an awful day. I'm in for the evening, so at least there won't be any temptation with cookies or cake or anything fun.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Feb. 17: A day to weigh

Well, according to our scale this morning, I've had a little dip in my weight this week. But I'm withholding my excitement until I go to JC and do my official weigh in with Andi... we'll see!!!

Breakfast: 350 calories
WW chocolate chip muffin: 190
cup of milk: 120
coffee: 40

Mid-morning snack: 180 calories
cheese: 120
saltines: 60

Lunch: 350 calories
chicken salad sandwich: 350

Well, I am another official pound down, for a total of 10 since I started counting again. That puts me at 162.4 if you're playing along at home too. I'll way in again next Friday at JC, after four days traveling to Nashville. That'll be tough, but I have a plan. I'm taking JC breakfast bars and snack bars with me, and I hope to just be strong and good when I'm eating lunch and dinner out.

Okay, so I quit counting this evening when Cole and I went to have dinner with Mom and Dannie. And I having a feeling I'm not going to be very good about counting while I'm in Nashville

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Feb. 16: A little sore

Well, my mouth is a little sore this morning following my dentist appointment yesterday. So much so that it was hard to chew the nuts on top of my muffin this morning. Did I mention yesterday how odd it was to smell my own burning flesh???

Breakfast: 375 calories
JC banana nut muffin: 220
milk: 120
coffee: 35

Mid-morning snack: 200 calories
Kudos bar: 130
small banana: 70

Lunch: 290 calories
I had an open-faced egg sandwich. Two eggs, one piece of bread and one slice of cheese.

Mid-afternoon snack: 180 calories
Nutri-grain bar: 130
two marshmallows: 50

Pedometer update: I think I mentioned the other day that 10,000 steps were a mile. Boy, was I wrong!!! 2000 steps is a mile. I got the 10,000 steps because that is what fitness gurus want us to set as our goal each day as part of our activity. I'm coming up a little more than a mile short (about 2500 steps) of that each day since I've been wearing my pedometer.

Dinner: 160 calories
Malt-o-meal, with a touch of butter and splenda yummy: 160

Oh, and I had a couple of kisses right before dinner: 50 calories.

So, that's 1255 for the day. I'm very pleased with that number for the day. And, it's about 7:30 right now, my pedometer already says 7934. I'll call this a good day. But... tomorrow is the official weigh in at JC. That scale will be the true judge of how my week went when it comes to trying to get to my first goal of 155. (Just had to remind myself.)

My gums are still pretty sore this evening. But I'm glad I haven't had to resort to pain pills. I've had some tenderness, but nothing I would classify as "pain".

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Feb. 15: Going to the dentist

I like our dentist a lot, she's really great. But just the thought of going is not very exciting. I'm also a little nervous about my visit later today... I'm having laser treatment on several spots of my gums. ewww!!!

I had breakfast a little earlier than usual this morning so that I could have a good snack before going to see Dr. Rayne at noon. Who knows when I'll want to eat again after my visit with her...

Breakfast: 270 calories
South Beach breakfast wrap: 160
coffee: 30
banana: 80

Mid-morning snack: 120 calories
Quaker graham snack bar: 120

Okay, went to the dentist at lunchtime, so I'm having some Malt-O-Meal for an afternoon snack/lunch at about 3pm... with a little spoon of butter and splenda. 160 calories.

When I finally got off of work around 5p, I took the boys for a walk, probably half a mile, then I walked for about another 1.5 miles around the neighborhood. I came home and got in the shower and had a "spell". That means that I started to shake and sweat for no reason when my blood sugar dropped, getting more light-headed and anxious as each moment passed. Cole was still at work, so I just kept telling myself, "don't pass out, don't pass out." I knew I just needed to get to the kitchen as fast as I could. I guess that's what happens when you only have 550 calories since the evening before. How do crash-dieters do it???

Anyway, a few saltines, some cheese, a couple of walnuts and 15 minutes later, I was feeling much better. We'll call that 250. Then I decided I needed some real dinner, so I headed out to Chipotle for a salad.

Dinner: 500 calories
salad: 450
a couple of Hershey's kisses: 50

That's 1300 for the day. I'm very pleased with that. Oh, all except for the almost-passing-out part. And, 7753 steps when I took the pedometer off to be lazy on the couch for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feb. 14: Chocolate hearts

None here. I haven't had a single one today, there aren't even any in our house!!!

But, something new from my valentine, that I had actually asked for ages ago... a pedometer!!! Now, I'll have two numbers at the end of the day: my total calories and my total steps walked. I think that 10,000 steps is about a mile, so we'll have to see how close I get at the end of the day...

Breakfast: 315 calories
Malt o meal (w/butter): 150
cup of milk: 120
coffee: 45

Lunch: 310 calories
JC Swedish meatballs and noodles: 250
saltines: 60

Okay, so I can see I'm not getting any fruits and veggies in today. I'll have to have a salad for dinner...

Mid-afternoon snack: 180 calories
Banana: 80
Right bites: 100

Okay, I was bad, I just had a handful of tortilla chips after starting a load of laundry. Add 140ish to my total.

Dinner: 620 calories (no salad here)
Chicken salad sandwich: 350
Small waffle fries: 270

Dessert: 90 calories
ice cream bar: 90
I couldn't resist.

1655. It happens that quickly. And I guess that's not horrible. But man, it adds up fast. And I didn't get any fruits and veggies in today to speak of. That lone banana has a lot of work to do on its own to make this body healthy today. That'll be my goal tomorrow. More fruits and veggies...
Oh, and using the new pedometer today... when I took it off at 9pm, I had walked 7143 steps. It'll be interesting to see how that compares to the days to come.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Feb. 13: A new day

Well, after never once touching the calculator yesterday, and a Saturday evening that included Mexican food and margaritas, it's time to get back on track today. I think it's gonna be a good week!!!

Breakfast: 350 calories
JC blueberry muffin: 200
cup of milk: 120
coffee: 30

Mid-morning snack: 110 calories
Yogurt: 110

Lunch: 365 calories
JC turkey burger: 280
saltines: 60
slice of cheese: 45

Afternoon snack: 115 calories
Rice cakes: 90
Hershey's kiss: 25

Dinner: 350 calories
Salad: 100
South Beach Diet Caprese chicken: 250
(It actually smelled pretty bad, so I didn't eat it all.)

Dessert: 125 calories
Two chocolate-dipped strawberries

1415 for the day. I'm pleased with that. And honestly, at this point, I don't know how anybody really keeps it at 1200 calories a day. Is that even healthy???

Note to self: Drink less Diet Dr. Pepper and more water!!! I'm getting in a good amount of water each day, but I'm finding myself as addicted to Diet DP as I used to be to regular DP. As long as I make sure it's in addition to my water and not instead of my water, I should be good to go... or "golden" as Cole says.

And another positive note, those yummy evil cookies are finally gone from our house!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Feb. 11: Late start

There's nothing like getting out of bed at 10:30 on a cold Saturday morning.

Breakfast: 450 calories
JC muffin: 220
Banana: 80
milk: 120
coffee: 30

Early-afternoon snack: 180 calories
saltines and cheese: 180

Well, it was a good start, but I'm not going to have a total today. I lost track and it would just be too much for my little heart to take to add it all up.

We had a great Saturday evening though, going out to eat with Rich and Kellie. I was a half-way good with my choices. We went to Guero's and I had a taco salad with chicken breast, no guac or dressing, just salsa. I also had a margarita at the restaurant. Then they came over to the house after dinner for a round of spades (Kellie and I beat the guys!) and I had two glasses of wine. Oh, and I had two of those evil cookies with Cole as a bedtime snack.

We had a great time, and as much as I'm trying to keep track of calories and be "good," I want to be able to enjoy a Saturday night out with friends too.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Feb. 10: Resistance

Somehow, I've resisted digging into the box of cookies this morning. I had several tastes of them yesterday, and if I can keep my calorie count at a decent level through the day, I'll treat myself with one for my bedtime snack tonight. We'll see how it goes.

Breakfast: 200 calories
Malt o Meal: 130
coffee: 45
butter: 25

Mid-morning snack: 80 calories
banana: 80

Lunch: 335 calories
JC rotini and pasta: 250
saltines: 60
Hershey's kiss: 25

Mid-afternoon snack: 200 calories
two rice cakes, one spread with peanut butter: 200

I also snuck in a cup of coffee this afternoon since it was cold. 45 calories.

Dinner: 460 calories
Ham/cheese sandwich: 310
small bag chips: 150

So, total for the day? 1320. I can definitely live with that. And somehow, I've stayed away from those evil cookies all day. And I don't plan on having one this evening at all. We're going out to dinner tomorrow evening with some friends, and I've already decided what I'm having then. It's better to decide beforehand rather than go for the yummiest thing on the menu in a moment of starvation, right???

My secret wish after this week is to lose that 3.4 pounds when I weigh in next Friday, to be at an even (official) 160.0. We'll see, but a girl can dream!!!

UPDATE: Cole made me eat one of those yummy evil cookies. Just for good measure, I'm taking my total up to 1550. Drats!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feb. 9: Feeling better

I was a little discouraged yesterday morning, maybe the batteries in our scale here at home need to be changed, but I'm feeling much more energized and focused today. I did weigh here this morning, but I'm really going to try to just focus on the "official" weigh in once a week at Jenny.

So, here starts the day...

Breakfast: 350 calories
JC blueberry muffin: 200
cup of 2 percent milk: 120
half a cup of coffee: 30

Mid-morning snack: 80 calories
Banana: 80

Lunch: 360 calories
JC beef chow mein: 230
crackers: 60
Two of Cole's pizza rolls: 70

Mid-afternoon snack: 350
A handful of chips and some leftover queso dip

Mid-afternoon snack, Part II: 300 calories
Okay, that's a guess. I just had my first-ever bites of Kevin's Cookies and it's all Cole's fault!!! They are the yummiest, warmest, sweetest, best, freshest cookies I've ever eaten. It's TWO miles for us tonight!!!

Dinner: 500 calories
Salad and stuffed chicken breast from Central Market. I also had one of those darn Kevin's cookies.

1940 for the day... NOT GOOD!!! See how fast it adds up??? And just 12 hours ago I was feeling so much better. We did go on an extra long walk this evening, so I know that helps a little. The more you move, the more you burn. The cookies just ruined me for the day... but, thankfully, tomorrow's is a new day.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Feb. 8: Weighing in

Well, another morning on the scale at 165.4. That means that today at my official Jenny Craig weigh in, I'll probably be around 166.4, which is just about where I was exactly two weeks ago... grrrr... this is hard, and frustrating!!!

We've been walking so much lately too, I can't imagine why the pounds aren't just starting to slowly melt away!!! I'm keeping it under 2000 calories a day, most days *well* under 2000 calories. Okay, so I'm not getting very close to the 1200 I am shooting for, but still... grrrr...

Oh, and, Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Here we go...

Breakfast: 145 calories
coffee: 45
Two leftover snickerdoodles: 100

Mid-morning: 160 calories
Malt o Meal: 130
Butter: 30ish

Lunch: 325 calories
Jenny Craig turkey burger: 280
Slice of cheese: 45

And, at lunch, I went for my weekly weigh in at Jenny Craig. Shocked and pleased, I've lost a total of 9.0 pounds on their "official" scale. I was sure I'd be stuck again at 166, but I came in at 163.4. I'm going to try to use this to keep myself from weighing every day here and use the scale at Jenny as my official measurement. I was very shocked and very pleased. I really think this journaling is helping... a LOT!!!

Afternoon snack: 180 calories
Banana: 80
Keebler right bites: 100

Dinner: 600 calories (that's a guess)
I didn't really have dinner this evening, just snacks over at Java Judi's for technique night. I had a handful of chips, a Diet Dr. Pepper, a couple of cookies, a muffin top, and about three tablespoons of dip. Then a cup of 2 percent milk when I got home.

So, that's a total of 1410 for the day. Seeing Andi at JC today was a great boost. I thought I was stuck, and it looks like the scales are finally moving. I've feel re-energized to keep going.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Feb. 7: This is tough

I wish someone could explain the science to me... how can I be up almost two pounds over the last couple of days??? 165.4 this morning. If a pound is roughly 3500 calories, and I KNOW I haven't had an extra 7000 calories over the last couple of days, how does that happen??? Is it not enough water??? Is it not enough fiber (if you know what I mean)???

But, today is a new day. I'm home working today. No Super Bowl. No evenings with friends. Just me and a calculator. Today is going to be fine.

Breakfast: 275 calories
Oatmeal: 130
Milk: 120
coffee: 25

Lunch: 897 calories (wow!!!)
Grilled cheese sandwich: 282
Tots: 365
And... tomorrow is my daddy's birthday, so I baked some fresh snickerdoodles today to send his way. Of course, I had to taste test along the way. So, if I'm sticking with trying to hit 1200 today, I get to have a supper worth about 28 calories... HA!!!

Afternoon snack: 150 calories
Banana: 80
Cripix mix: 70

Dinner: 330 calories
Tomato soup: 90
Crackers: 120
Cheese: 120

Total for the day? 1652. Okay, not my best day. That trip out at lunch and a quick stop at Sonic was a bad idea. Well, wait, ordering large tots instead of small was the bad idea. And have grilled cheese instead of grilled chicken wasn't my proudest moment of the day either.

I don't want to deprive myself of yummy things, but one of the lessons I want to learn is portion control. So, here's what I'm taking away from today: Plan before each meal. Decide what I'm having for lunch by 10, so that when noon comes around I'm not starving and grabbing the first yummy thing that I run across.

Tomorrow is my official weigh in with Jenny Craig. Their scale runs about a pound heavier than mine... we'll see.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Feb. 6: The day after

165.0. That's up one full pound from yesterday, 1.6 from the day before. That's okay. Today is a new day. And following my first Sunday off from counting calories, being Super Bowl Sunday to boot, I can only go down (in a good way) from here.

Breakfast: 415 calories
coffee/splenda/creamer: 25 (I didn't drink my full cup this morning)
WW chocolate chip muffin: 190
Banana: 80
Cup of milk: 120

Lunch: 360 calories
South Beach ham/turkey wraps: 220
Small bag of Doritos: 140

Afternoon snack: 225 calories
Two Quaker rice cakes, one with a tbsp. of peanut butter

Dinner: 700 calories
Boca burger: 340
Some chips, a cookie, a marshmallow and a small cupcake.

I went to Kellie's this evening for our monthly scrapping get-together. Boy, do those little bites here and there add up. 1700 for the day... yikes!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Feb. 5: Super Bowl Sunday

164.0 this morning. How does that happen after a day of being so good??? Well, okay, a burger a fries isn't good, but my calories count was. As soon as Cole gets his lazy butt out of bed, we're going to go to the hike and bike trail again. I'm so glad that's become a regular weekend thing for us. It's nice to get to visit while we get some exercise and talk to cute dogs.

It's 9:15 a.m. as I type right now, and I'm thinking I may not fully count calories today. Should I give myself Sundays off??? Not from watching what I eat, just from doing the calculations. I'm considering it... Just keeping an eye on portions and keeping the calculator in the "off" position today. I'll let you know what I decide, of course.

Well, it's been decided. Sunday is an off day. Again, not a day to go nuts and eat everything in site, just a day to relax a little and not do any calculations. With today being Super Bowl Sunday, I don't expect it to be a banner day. But at least we got up and walked three miles this morning...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Feb. 4: My first Saturday

Well, it's my first weekend of keeping my food journal, and I'm a little nervous. Weekends for us are spent running around, so there tends to be lots of "let's just grab something while we're out." I'm going to try to be good.

This morning we headed out for Cole to get a haircut, so I was sure to eat something before we left. I'm sure lunch will be "out."

Oh, by the way, 163.4 this morning. Yay!!!

Breakfast: 295 calories
Coffee/splenda/creamer: 45
Quaker breakfast cookie: 170
Banana: 80
The breakfast cookies are fairly new. They're not even showing up on their web site. We've tried the apple and cinnamon, that's it so far. They're pretty good!!!

Lunch: 650 calories
small burger: 330
small fries: 320 (I didn't eat them all.)
Darn Culvers. We love that place, and we hadn't eaten there in ages. It's Cole's fault, yeah, he suggested it!!!

Afternoon snack: 75 calories
Beef jerky and *a* bite of tortilla.

Dinner: 195 calories
Malt-o-meal: 150 (yummy!!!)
coffee/splenda/creamer: 45

Evening snack: 51 calories
Two Hershey's kisses: 51

1266 total for the day. Okay, so I'm pleased with that number, but not really with the quality of calories that came with that number. Thank goodness for the banana today!!!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. I'm gonna try to be good, but Cole has requested a velveeta/rotel/sausage dip for the day that is bound to be a little high in calories. Tomorrow, I'll be thankful for the tomatoes in the rotel... HA!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Feb. 3: Darn it

See, that's why I hate getting on the scale every day. This morning: 165.0. How did I gain half a pound in one day after only eating about 1300 calories for the last few days. Is there a full moon so that gravity is stronger??? I can hope...

Breakfast: 405 calories
Two scrambled eggs: 140 calories
Cup of 2 percent milk: 120 calories
Coffee/splenda/creamer: 45 calories

Lunch: 335 calories
Weight Watchers creamy parm chicken: 210 calories
One Hershey's kiss: 25 calories
Keebler "Right Bites" Chips Deluxe cookies: 100 calories (If you haven't had these yet, and you like the Nabisco 100-calorie packs of Chips Ahoy, these are WAY better. They're much more like a cookie than a cracker. I thank my friend Kellie for discovering them.)

Dinner: 775 calories
Okay, I'm pretty much guessing on that one. Cole and I had Chipotle for dinner. That has become our fast-food joint of choice. Nothing is battered or deep fried or sitting under a heat lamp for three hours before we even get there. I had their salad. It's just lettuce, grilled chicken, black beans, cheese and salsa, and a little vinaigrette dressing. Oh, and a few of their tortilla chips. Sure, 700 calories worth of salad and grilled chicken is better for me than 700 calories worth of chocolate cake. But I still don't like the number at all.

So, that means 1515 for the day.

Cole and I did walk a mile this evening. He's probably rolling his eyes as he reads this, but I like our time out in the fresh air together each day...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Feb. 2: To weigh or not to weigh...

Well, I climbed onto the scale again this morning, pleased with the 164.6 that I saw, but I'm *really* going to try not to weigh every single day. It drives me crazy to weigh every day. You know weight changes from hour to hour, much less day to day. But it might drive me even crazier to not step up there each day. I like seeing the progress, even if it's just half a pound. Maybe once I get this journaling process down in a couple of days, I'll quit weighing quite so often...

It's been so nice to see my calories in black and white the last couple of days as I journal. I'm not allowing myself to sneak something through the hatch that doesn't get approval on paper first... HA!!! It helps!!!

Breakfast: 345 calories
Coffee (splenda and a little creamer): 45 calories
Egg McMuffin: 300 calories

Okay, this is the first time I've eaten anything from McDonald's since seeing Super-Size Me a year or so ago. That'll change a girl's mind about fast food really fast!!! I went to the dentist this morning and that was the closest place to grab breakfast on the way home. I was starving by the time I left Dr. Rayne's office. And as good as that Egg McMuffin sounded in my mind, it wasn't anything I'll have to have again anytime soon.

Lunch: 440 calories
Chicken fettuccini: 260 calories
Crackers: 60 calories
Cheese: 120 calories
Diet Coke

Afternoon snack: 80 calories
Banana: 80ish calories

Dinner: 450 calories
One slice o' pizza: 350 calories
Salad: 100ish calories

1315 for the day.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Feb. 1: A place to start

It's Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006. This morning, the scale told me that I weighed 165.8. Okay, that's fine. I can deal with that because it's a place to start. Well, it's another place to start. My other starting point in this round was 172.4 a few weeks ago.

So far this morning (it's 8:25) I've sipped on a cup of coffee made with Splenda and about 45 calories worth of vanilla latte creamer.

I'm sorta, half-a$$ doing Jenny Craig right now. It's the program/plan that I had so much luck on a couple of years ago. I say "sorta" because the thought of eating nothing but their food simply bores me. They have a couple of great meals, and a few that I can tolerate. But others just leave me staring into the freezer/fridge/pantry, hoping something yummy will jump out at me. So I'm supplementing their food with other healthy choices right now. All will be listed as the days and weeks go by heading for 145!!!

Cole and I have walked the last three days in a row. Three miles Sunday at the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail, two miles (one with Cole) Monday evening, and a mile yesterday evening. And of course, that doesn't count the walks with the dogs. I'm sure that burns a few calories, but stopping at every other blade of grass to sniff who was there last, isn't really vigorous exercise...

Breakfast: 400 calories
Jenny Craig blueberry muffin: 200 calories
A cup of 2 percent milk: 120
Banana: 80ish
That JC blueberry muffin may be my most favorite thing on their menu... yummy!!!

Late-morning snack: 85 calories
Two saltines crackers
Two "cracker cut" slices of cheese

Lunch: 250 calories
South Beach Diet
Southwestern chicken wraps
Diet Dr. Pepper

Afternoon snack: 110 calories
Small pink lady apple: 80 calories
Four bites/pieces of Vanilla Creme Frosted Mini Wheats: 30 calories
Don't laugh. I wanted something crunchy.

Dinner: 430 calories
Lean Cuisine French bread pepperoni pizza
Twix ice cream bar: only 90 calories, yummy!!! =)
Diet Dr. Pepper

Okay, so that's 1320 for the day. Not bad. I'd love to stick around 1200, but I'm not gonna beat myself up for anything up to 1400.
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